Your Istanbul trip is incomplete without the comfort of a professional car rental service. Duman Limo is everything that you expect from a reliable car or limo rental company in the capital city.

Added to comfort and convenience of our clients, Duman Limo is also concerned about the security of its valued clients. Thus, along with our high end car rental, we have also come up with top-notch security services to ensure the peace of mind of our clients. From high profile CEOs to VIPs to superstars to political leaders to sports people- we have got powerful security service for the best protection of all.

We have got both armed & unarmed security teams to support you with that needed layer of security during your travel. Whether you are for your dream vacation or corporate trip, a trained security package will ensure a stress-free travel right from the time you land at the airport till you board the flight for your country. We care for our clients and we don’t want them to feel alone or insecure in a new place.

As with our high end car rental services, our security services too are reputed for professionalism and expertise. We have got the most practical and efficient range of security service packages to meet all your security needs during your travel across Istanbul. Most importantly, our security service team is backed by highly trained and seasoned security professionals who have made their mark in the field of Turkish security maintenance. We do understand the gravity of your security. Thus, we have got some of the best professionals for the field. Your comfort, convenience and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us.

We understand security needs vary from one traveler to another given the variance in associations, employment and stature. Thus, we have arranged for a wide range of security service packages so that you can easily choose the most compatible one for you, as per your typical protection needs.

Besides, our security services can be easily personalized according to particular protection requirements of our clients. We provide you enough room to state your security concerns and we will customize our security package based on your inputs. We are flexible to modify our package as per your special event in Istanbul. Whether it’s a corporate conference or social gathering or a VIP event or exposition, we have got the best suitable security package to guarantee the most relaxed stay at Istanbul.