Professional Guide

Professional Guide
A trip to a foreign land is best explored when you have a local to guide you. It’s the same with Istanbul or any other tourist hot-spot in Turkey. Duman Limo understands your needs and has come with one of the best professional Tour Guide Services around.

Here is what you can expect from our Tour Guide service

Trained and Professional Guide

We are extremely serious about our offerings and hence only work with most professional tour guides. All our guides are extensively trained in hospitality and know what it takes to ensure the best care of the guests. Our guides will help you with the most strategic and smartest itinerary as per your interests, time and budget.

Assure Comfortable Sight Seeing

A lot of major attractions in Turkey will ask you to get entry tickets such as Ayasofya or the grand Topkapi Palace. With our professional tour guides by your side, you will have the most comfortable and stress-free sightseeing. They will themselves fetch the rickets for you while you will relax under a shade. Moreover, they will not only enlighten you about the history or interesting facts of the attraction- but also guide you on best camera angles and locations.

Help You to Explore Local Culture

This is another great reason to sign up with our Professional Tour Guide services.

When we travel to a foreign land, we always want to experience the local delights at their fullest. Being locals, our guides hold enormous knowledge about the local culture around. They will help you to locate the best eateries for authentic local dishes, best local attractions, best places for shopping local wonders and likewise. Besides, they will even help you communicate with the localites here. And who knows, you will also be able to pick up a few nuances of local dialect by the end of your tour. All in all, our professional tour guides will ensure you get the best and the most authentic taste of the local culture here to enrich your holiday.

Protection From Local Fraudsters

One of the most important reasons to have our guides by your side is protection from frauds. Fraudsters mostly target foreign travelers who don’t hold much knowledge about the local region. But when you have our smart local guides with you, the fraudsters won’t dare to sneak around your side. Thus, our professional tour guides not only take care of your comfort or fun but look after your safety as well.

Full On Entertainment

Most of our professional tour guides are extremely talented. A bunch of them are amazing singers while some could be hilarious comedians and a few of them are soulful poets. Some of them might come across as a genuine friend with whom you can share some moving moments of your life.