Meet & Greet

Our major international airports receive umpteen numbers of travelers and passengers from all over the world every day. It’s not unlikely to lose out on your way in the commotion when you first land at Ataruk Airport or Sabiha Gokcen airport. But no need to freak out- Damun Limo Meet & Greet team is here to safely escort you out of the airport lounge.

We are known for highly professional Meet & Greet services by a seasoned and well-groomed pros. Here is what you can expect from our Meet & Greet chauffeurs

. Our sophisticated chauffeurs will meet our client right at the arrival hall of the airport and then accompany him/her to limo, taxi, shuttles or transfer cars- as chosen by the client

. Our top-notch team has received first grade training from the veteran tourism experts

. All members of our team hold the experience of catering at 5 star hotels.

. We equip our Meet & Greet team with robust on-job training to ensure the most premium experience for our clients.

. Our professionals have received most intense reservation training for us. We place great emphasis in ensuring the most convenient and comfortable experience for our clients in a new airport.

. All our trained chauffeurs will meet you in proper Damun Limo uniforms so that you can easily recognize them at a glance.

We assure you a personalized care from the moment your flight lands at the airport till you reach to your hotel or any other venue in Istanbul.

Service For Your Clients

Do you have an international client flying to Istanbul to take part in your prestigious seminar in the city? That’s wonderful. But if you are organizing the event yourself, you might be too busy to receive your esteemed client personally. In such situations, it’s never the right thing to send a junior staff to receive the client. Remember, if the client is visiting you for the first time, you have to ensure the best possible impression before him right from the airport. A junior staff might not be well acquainted with professional meet & greet and the client might feel offended if he is not received in the right manner.

And this is where, you will need our high end Meet & Greet service. We have got trained chauffeurs who are well aware of all the right etiquettes of receiving an honored guest at the airport for the first time.

How Will We Help You Here?

. Our groomed chauffeurs will wait for your client with a banner hosting his/her name so that the clients can recognize them easily at the packed airport

. Our chauffeurs will escort them to their transport so that they don’t have to find conveyance themselves. You can count on our premier limo rental services here.

. Our chauffeurs will also help your client with his/her luggage

We will help you to make sure a premium experience for your clients which will consequently render a special edge to your brand before your customer.


Marriage is a beautiful thing. Every couple harbors the dream of a grand wedding affair. A limo ride is just the thing you need to add that extra dose of glamour to your majestic reception. At Duman Limo, we care for your feelings and emotions and we have got the most top-notch limo rental service to take your wedding celebrations to the next level.

We are one of the most renowned limo rental companies in Istanbul and the whole of Turkish land. We offer grand limo rental services for special occasions, including weddings. A classy limo ride will enable you and your beloved to stand out in the event with élan. If you have plans to ensure the most memorable wedding celebration, look no further than our limo rental service.

Our wedding limo rental package is backed by a magnificent fleet of limousines and luxury sedans to assure the most premium ride for the couples. We have got some of the latest models, rich in state of the art features. From plush seating arrangements to infotainment goodies to complimentary wine- we have everything to make your ride to the chapel memorable. The best part is our versatile range of limos embodies luxury steams in every genre and every size. So whether you want the ride for just the two of you or you wish to be accompanied by your close friends and family members in the ride- we are ready to cater to all your specifications.

One of the best reasons to get limo rental from Duman Limo is our highly sophisticated chauffeurs. Our drivers are well versed in all the proper etiquettes and will receive you in the most courteous manner. We work with experienced pros who know the city routes like the back of their hands. They will receive you at your doorstep and then drive you safely to your wedding venue in utmost style and comfort.

You can hire our limos to arrive at your wedding chapel in ultimate panache. You can also have our rental package to meet & greet any special international guest flying to Istanbul to attend your wedding. Our groomed chauffeurs are usually multilingual and are sure to make your international friend feel at ease from the first meet.

At every step, we will make sure to guarantee you an unforgettable experience with our plush limo rides. Kindly let us know in advance about all your special requirements with a wedding limo service and we guarantee to exceed your expectations.

You Can Choose From Vintage Steams & Sports Cars

If you are looking for an exotic limo ride at your wedding, Duman Limo is ready to be at your service. We understand your wedding is one of the most precious events of your life and you will love to add an exquisite touch to it. Thus, added to our regular chain of limos, we also allow the couples to choose from our vintage limos and lavish sports cars.

Our prices are always cost-efficient and we are committed to guarantee a dream wedding ride for the couples.