About Us

About Us
Based in historical city of Istanbul, Duman Limo is one of the most sought-after limo rental service provider not only in the capital city, but also all across the Turkish land. We share strong ties with most esteemed limo companies in the country and we are widely reputed for most premium limousine hire services. We cater to both leisure tourists and business travelers and our car rental services are available for general public as well.

We are ready to cater to you on your special occasions, be it a wedding or the annual awards ceremony of your office. We are backed by a great fleet of highly sophisticated limos with experienced and highly groomed chauffeurs at the steering. Whether you want the luxury sedan for yourself or for your special guests, we promise a majestic experience for all.

Added to special occasions, we also extend our premium limo rental services for airport transfers and city tours. Just let us know in advance your requirements and we will locate the most comfortable package for you. Whether you want the ride from port or airport or railway station or for a cross-city tour- you will have our limos waiting for you just where you want them to.

However, we just don’t stop at offering limo rental services. We also offer yacht charter services for an unforgettable cruise for our clients.